Jobless, useless, worthless, hopeless …

Gosh ..!!!
Am bored as hell and I have absolutely nothing to do. And even if i had something to do I am least interested, because as someone told me – even laziness seems natural on me 😀 and it was the same someone who suggested that I post something, but then you know …one needs an awfull lot of concentration to write something. And as you guys probably know -or not know – my concentration isn’t in my control these days . Even while reading this, you may think that am not my usual self today …maybe drunk or something …and maybe I am ..;)
I spent the whole day lazing around ..watching a couple of old movies, nothing intresting.
But let me tell you the Intresting incident that happened. I was sending text after text to someone and that person wasn’t getting any of my texts. It seemed that her network had stopped receiving my texts exclusively ..:D
I thot maybe there was some limit of a few thousand text conversations which we had reached. However after a “jinkies” moment I realised that she must have blocked me somehow. And sure enuff …I was there in her spam box ..mistake or not – ye raaz Ki baat hai ..:D
Well …here we are at the end of this jobless post hasn’t gone pretty much as I thought it would ..but few things in life go as you wish them to…


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