I am writing down something very deep and personnel right now. The thoughts that are going through my head have been at the very core of all my thoughts since I finished my 1st year in college.

Basically it’s about what I want to do after college. And at the surface this question doesn’t bother anyone much, cause it’s a very normal routine question.  A question, about which, people think even before entering college. A question, the answer to which dictates the very college they go to.

But in my case, it’s different. Or rather it’s complicated. I am torn down between two dreams. Two very beautiful dreams. One, where I want to set up my own business house and compete with the likes of Boeing.

And the other, which wants me to take a job in foreign lands and sail unknown waters. I don’t know if both these dreams sound a little too fanciful, but it is how I perceive them. Help is always welcome.

And do you know what the main problem is? It is that I have so many choices. Having so many choices can be a real pain sometimes. It would have been better had their only been one path that I could take. Would have made things so much easier. But…even in such a situation I would have wanted choices. I am like the person who wants as many doors open as possible and then jump into one at the last-minute.

The fact that I am from a business household gives me the opportunity to get into the family business, or start my own, which is something I truly want. But the lure of unseen lands beckons me too. I feel if I get into business I won’t get to see the world as much as I like too. I would be totally engrossed forever in shaping it as I want. And on the other hand a job may offer all that, but I would still be working for someone else, earning for someone else. Do u see the dilemma..??

And then there is the choice between M.BA and M.S./M.Tech even if I want to do a job. While the later fulfills my Aero-dreams, the former is probably better suited for me to take a middle path. But I have always found this concept of doing M.BA after B.Tech, a very stupid prospect. But it could well be my calling. The problem is I love Aero too, and I won’t be able to work in the technical field then. Tricky, isn’t it ?

The IAS factor, I haven’t even mentioned yet. Though it is something I am least inclined towards, it still continues to be what my parents think is the best option for me. I tend to disagree, strongly.

Maybe it’s too much worrying for now. Maybe I am behaving a lot like NA, which doesn’t really suit me 😀 😛 . Maybe I should just take the plunge anywhere and see what happens. Or maybe I should wait right now, and let the coming college years help me decide. At present I feel like a loose arrow…or a loose cannon if u may. I have no aim at this point, just dreams. And I don’t know what to do with them. Am confused, totally confused.


2 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. well, having a back up plan doesn’t hurt? thats what i did lol with an in-house business that’s the best way to try it to see if you like the pace and all that trials that it offers. that option will always be there, you might even find that u decide to open an overseas branch of this family business giving u the opportunity to travel and explore new places?


    • That is exactly what i have been doing for the past six months. Balancing between my college and the business. Trying to get a foothold in this completely new domain and trying to see if i really do fit in. and overseas branch is a good idea will think over it.


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