An Empty Bubble

There comes a time in your life when you feel lonely, otherworldly. At that point people try fix this loneliness by various means – they read books, watch movies, listen to songs. Some paint, some write some Do other stuff. But all in all people usually try to get out of this general loneliness that they feel some or the other time in their life. It’s quite routine.

But then there is this other kind of loneliness. One which you don’t want to get out of. You feel so comfortable in that lonely bubble of yours that you never want to get out of that zone. Outwardly you try, try with all your might to fight it, be with your friends, enjoy with them, try to be in a group. But inwardly, you don’t want to leave that bubble. Because at one point of time, you were not alone in it. I am trying to generalize over here, that person could be anyone, a family member, a very close friend or someone else. But we all keep trying to look for that person in that confined, transparent bubble, providing you full view of everything.

The bubble doesn’t hide anything from you. The outside world is in plain view – if only you would let your eyes detach themselves from the dreamy reality you see in the bubble. It is not easy to do it. You get so addicted to the bubble, the person in it and the surroundings that you keep hanging on even to the feelings of loss that bring back memories of joy. You become so sadistic that you begin to enjoy your own pain.

You crave for that person to be back again. But is it possible ? Will it help ? You realize that the bubble is decadent now, its transparency is waning. Soon it will become a smooth, dark solid surface reflecting your own solitude. It is important for you that the bubble burst now. The sooner it is, the better. And it has to be pricked from the inside. Because from the outside it was made impenetrable, oblivious to third-party influence. So that prick has to come from within, where the surface is smooth.

But is it that easy to do ? Do you have the courage ? Do you even want to ?


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