Today I was eating ice cream. It was a big brick and I was eating it out straight from the box. Some mother dairy flavour. Well, it’s not that big an event but I suddenly remembered three of my best friends in college, NA, BA and APN. It’s not like me to keep remembering people when they are not around. I don’t think about them much when they are not around. I don’t even think about my parents much when I am in hostel. But today, that incident sort of triggered all the memories we have had together. Especially our nocturnal visits to have ice cream. How usually one of either NA or BA is too tired to go but I have to coax them to walk all that distance by promising a treat of Orange bar. How all such walks we take usually lead to APN being singled out as the butt of all jokes, especially on the two most recurring topics. How that one time when BA was not with us, NA was forced to roam on the streets of Chandigarh for 9 hours straight at night when probably all he wanted to do was get in his comfortable bed in his duplex room. I have realized that most of our talks about each other happen during these walks. We contemplate about our decisions, discuss our lives, share advice and thoughts get into whole new random topics and so many things lead to so many other.

Why does this happen when we are on walks and not otherwise ? Because Vaise bhi we are usually together, except APN of course who believes in his own solitude. I really like our habit of eating together. Even though because of it usually at least one has to remain hungry for an extended time. But its worth it nevertheless. When we are together in NA’s room, we do end up doing various things rather than talking. BA is busy on his I phone talking to his better half. NA uses Skype or tries to study which has suddenly become his latest fetish. I usually read and finish the book in a week which NA takes three months to read.

That’s about it. I guess I have now written a lot more than I originally intended to, and probably if I read it again it may sound too girly for my taste and I may delete it. But before it ends, “Viva La Friendship”.


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