First kiss

first kiss
A cloudy day
cool breeze on its way
I hoped to leave
A mark on you that day

I held you tight
You looked surprised
Looking straight in your eye
I hoped to add some more spice

Coming closer to you
I caressed your cheeks
Your lips were dry
I just hoped with excitement I do not die

When our lips did meet
I realized how magic does feel
In the first instance, it was all new, to be true
But soon my eagerness seeped into you too.

That burning passion and flames of desire
I lost myself in you
Without a concern
of the world’s ire.

And at the height was the moment
When you made my lip bleed
In response to the love bites
Giving you I had been

And when my hands
Could find no peace
Exploring around
With mindless frenzy

You held my hands
Tight in yours
And made my head dance
With orgasmic songs

I planned to stay
Forever that way
Caressing and teasing
Your heart away

But alas all sweet dreams are not to be
And real as it all may seem
It’s still only imagery


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