The world is a stage and we are all mere players. It is said that all of us have a role to play in the bigger scheme if things. But it’s never about the part you have to play rather about how you play the part. We all come across various turning points in life where we have to take certain decisions. How we take that decision depends someway or the other on how others play their part. It all depends on us how much we are influenced by the other’s part and play our role accordingly.

It all comes to the point where you realize that everything about your life is not in your hands. It so much depends on what roles others play. Some times come that you are not prepared for what happens in your life. Small parts which change your whole perception of things. Parts played by others in such a way that you are at a loss for words. You may be angry, agitated, confused as to what to do next, but ultimately you only can play the cards dealt to you. You can try to predict other’s moves, you may try to make them play the hand in a certain way but what can’t happen is everything going according to your wishes. You have to think while you trot.

It’s hard to envision where a particular incident stands in the whole scheme of things. People come and go in your life as characters weave in and out of a play. The roles may be short or long, but the impact they leave on you is determined by the connection you people share. There is this telepathic link which connects some people on stage and when it does, it allows them to synchronize their parts in a way which produces a beautiful spectacle for others to see. But there will always be those who will envy that link, stay clear of them they may just end up ruining your play.


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