Escape: The Journey Beyond

Standing on that high cliff’s edge;
Feeling the journey’s dread;
The wind still, the silence loud
Nothing to break the fall, but the clouds.

A shiver and a tremble later;
Feeling the breath of the creator;
realizing that, to see a new dawn,
One must enter this great beyond.

And though life has always been,
A preparation for the moment arrrived;
I realize that, after coming this far,
It is a completely different plight.

Is this road ahead,
An escape from the life i dread
Or is it a new begining,
A new journey to a better end?

time has stopped its tik-tok;
Waiting, silent as a rock;
And as my will, leaves the soil,
I feel the exhilaration, the clouds passing by;
In front of my eyes, endless possibilities in future lie.


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