Just a Thought

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There is a thought in my head
Trying to come out
Swirling around like a love new found
Trying to get some shape, some ground

Unable to find the words to stick
He goes to the place where feelings live
He tries to make one or two its pal
But the thought is too deep to be discussed without feelings all

The thought is then left with only one to trust
As express himself he must
He goes to the heart to pour himself out

The heart abosrbs it all and tries to find
The solution to this mime
But the heart realises, that its not fine
To deal with it’s matters without the help of mind

And the thought returns
To the point where he was created
With no sense of purpose
And no reason to be elated

But then comes a voice
From wherein, we do not know
“its only the thought that counts and not the undertaken road”

In the span of all this the thought disappears
Leaving behind a puff of smoke and debris to clear
For he was never expressed and was now completely broke
And had absolutely nothing to hold on to as a rope.


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