Out of thy heart and in thy mind
A region of space where lust resides

Pure in form and clear in sights
It’s unadulterated, often belittled as a vice
Crystal clear intentions,no hazy screens
No confusions about “what he really means ? ”

It’s a consuming fire,
A maddening desire.
A wild emotion,
An Intense commotion.

Seething beneath, a calm facade
Surging from all useless charades

A no-pain pleasure
The essence of nature
More complete then love
Bleeds no heart, drains no blood

A flame harder quenched
Then love or revenge
A self centred ecstasy
A different view of morality.

Love and lust differences abound
But similarities exist on curious grounds

The essence of nature captured in a line
Love is the curiosity of heart while Lust is of thy mind.


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