The Company of Women

In the words of a friend, “Women are among the strongest addictions”. And like in the case of other addictions, you get branded here too once the world knows that you are an addict. Even though you may say that this is more dangerous than any other substance abuse, women can also be the source of our deliverance in this fierce cut throat world. It is as if our best and polished versions begin to come out in the company of women. From the wild unkempt savages that we look like in boy’s hostels, taking a walk with a girl brings out all the etiquette, chivalry and the sense of humor in us.

The company hugely benefits my writing skills as well. It is as if they provide the necessary energy to the soul to churn out beautiful images in my mind. It is the company of women which brings about a sweetness in the air and colors in the landscape necessary for any work literature. For all works of literature have their cornerstone in the factual world and draw energy from some reality. It is the trials and errors of the time spent with a woman who act as fodder for a writer’s mind. Without women, it would have been a bland existence. As if all the taste has been sucked out of life and you had to be content by living on tasteless hospital food.

Women make you see a different side of life. Suddenly walking a kilometer to get iced tea in freezing cold begins to make sense. Suddenly you begin to take interest in everything that’s happening all around the city. Society begins to creep into our life and boys begin to live more outside the realms of their routine existence. Social and moral restrictions which were never thought of before, begin to seem illogical and unneeded.

Women make Men a civilized lot. It would have been a planet of the apes otherwise. One feels devoid of the freshness and perspective that comes in life when you have a female presence in life. It is as if her presence alone pulls you into a parallel universe where you are not the master of all things and there are surprises waiting to jump at you from every nook and corner.It is as if men are destined to roam about like homeless animals until they find the one true woman for them and she will be the one to rescue them from their life of meaningless existence.

They awaken in us sleeping emotions. Such feelings and wants that we never would have thought could exist in us. Women are a window to a different world, where the soul finds a companion and they are free to roam in the ever blossoming gardens of Eden, where the sun never sets and it’s always springtime.

There are women who make us spill our deepest of secrets; our heart’s desires and with those they make a life with us. They read us and in turn they help us read them. Though who has been able to fully grasp a woman’s heart or mind has till date shied away from recorded history. There are also women who make us want to spoil them, to fulfill all of their heart’s desires. The chauvinist male wants to teach all he knows to them considering himself to be the more knowledgeable one. but whether we admit or not, the learning curve of a man in the company of a woman climbs much steeper than a lonely desperate soul.

Men throw logic out of the window when it comes to a woman they love. And mind you, this woman need not be “The Woman”. Men are capable of loving more than one woman fiercely and independently of others at the same time. To us, women are like the balm to an aching existence. The necessary support that all of us who feel the need of living a greater than ordinary existence require. They infuse us with an energy unlike other, prodding us to walk on the path of our dreams and nourishing us with gentle care and protection.

Women are like a beautiful intoxicating glass of wine. There is the aroma, the sweetness of the air surrounding her when you meet someone new. You savor the scent till you can no longer resist from taking that sip. You keep the sip in your mouth and let the tongue absorb all the different flavors that make her up. And finally when you take it in, there is the warmth and sweetness that fills your entire being and makes you wonder. And then there is the next sip to look forward to.

Women bring us into this world and they help us take the world forward and all this time while we try to show the world our might, they prefer to take the backseat rather than the throne itself. And it is not due to lack of willpower or mental strength that they chose to stay a step behind, but because they have accepted the role of supporting us in our faltering steps and project us forwards, for men do not have the courage nor the heart to do so for others.


2 thoughts on “The Company of Women

  1. You write beautifully! There are not many posts that I read without skipping a few lines. I didn’t skip a word here. It was interesting to read. It’s too bad the society encourages boys and men to hide their sweetness and soul while they encourage girls and women to nurture these qualities.


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