Deadly Fog


Believe me, The fog outside is unbelievable. Just a couple of days ago I was lamenting about the fact that winter hasn’t properly arrived here yet. With no fogs and no temperature dips it was quite a dull “bright sunny” winter till now. But with this sudden fog now it seems that my wish has been granted. The air has finally become chilly and the afternoon sun has taken its light and warmth to some other planet (Thank the Nordic God Hoth for that). With dense fog covering all the city projections for the whole of the day winter has finally arrived in the North, and that too in style.

From clearly being able to see the girl changing clothes through the window in the house across the street the visibility reduced to me being unable to see my mother sneaking up on me trying to peek at the neighbor. Leading to one “hot” winter session. Maybe this is what the elders call the lack of experience when referring to their ” you haven’t seen much yet” adage. It’s deadly nice, this weather. The fog allowing you to breathe just enough to stay alive and fit. And the fragrance that comes with fog. Absolutely mystifying. Slightly burnt paperish kind of smell. Hangs in the air day in and night out. The scent making you believe that you are on some mountainous trail and a tiger would pounce out of nowhere and rip you to shreds.

It is at times like these, when nature overpowers man completely, that the true masochist in every twenty-first century being of this dilapidated third planet (read third world) comes to the fore. What else can one do except to enjoy the painful experience? With the season of reduced telecommunication signals and uselessness of all forms of lighting devices advancing slowly upon each one of us, we realize the true horrors of this third world planet. Fog. It is in moments like these when we become vulnerable to nature. Zero visibility. Cut off from the world, just you and your feet and the few steps right in front of you that you can just make out.


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