It never was a contest,
right from the start.
In one corner was LIFE,
and in the other, DEATH was dark.

DEATH stood silent and tall,
hooded to the boot.
While LIFE was a sumo,
naked, and short too.

As the forever wronged DEATH,
stood to take its revenge.
Upon the LIFE, cruel and
misleading, till the very end.

LIFE dealt, the first blow,
and the audience did applaud.
But DEATH waited patiently,
and under the hood, it did laugh.

Blow by blow, the feisty LIFE,
began to slow and tire.
As the ever patient DEATH,
began to shed its attire.

Uncloaked, in its glory all
the audience gaped, into the dark.
And saw how mighty great empires,
Disappeared, without a mark.

Old LIFE, staggered and fell
face down in front of DEATH.
And DEATH in turn, out of respect
absorbed LIFE, with its final breath.


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