Letter: From a Friend to a Friend

Dear Friend,

When I sit down and try to think of a list of people whom to write letters to, your name does not immediately pop up in the mind. And that may be because of the fact that when I thought of writing letters it was to people who were once very close and are not now so this seems like a valid way of communicating my feelings. Throughout this period of time, people have come and gone but you have stayed the one constant. And that does not mean that I should not take this opportunity to thank you for this friendship of ours and hope that it will be a bond that we will be cherish till kingdom come.

Our friendship was not the result of an instant rapport over a drink much like love at first sight; but it has transformed from a single thread of yarn into a solid rope by the addition of layer upon layer of trust over time. This trust by no means was easy to obtain, neither for me, nor for you. Because both of us with all our differences have one thing in common, that we wouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket. But over time, little by little, we have both managed to overcome our trepidations and now I see in you a person whom I can trust with my deepest thoughts and my darkest secrets.

In our life, we become party to a large number of thoughts and incidents, all of which cannot be shared with the public at large for we all fear the great power vested by God in the Mortal Man; that of judging his comrades based on an incident and then condemning him for life. And even though it is said that a journal can be your best friend, writing your thoughts down cannot give you the kind of feedback you sometimes want. For doubt hits us all, and it hits us hardest at the time we are least prepared. But the right person at our side at the right time can give you the confidence you need to implement your thoughts. We have crossed those borders and arrived at a place where we know the true value of the other person and are not bothered by what the other ‘does’ but are confident in who the other ‘is’. Friend, your unquestionable loyalty and unwavering presence gives me strength to go ahead with my plans and have confidence in their success.

All the above being true, It is not to say that we have never had our share of differences and that it has always been smooth sailing with you but we have outgrown those differences and found mutual respect for each other over the course of these years. And even though the people around us have changed over time we have stayed steadfast and have supported each other through thick and thin.

The countless hours that we have spent together blowing smoke in the air and discussing love, life and the love lives of everyone around us would definitely prove to be source of infinite embarrassment for us and everyone involved if those sessions ever got recorded and were available on tape.

Your Friend.


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