Losing My Virginity


She had just the perfect curves at just the right places. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening to me after all these years of speculation and countless hours spent daydreaming about this moment. This is the point when you go through all the wild stories heard from various people all through your life and imagine how the experience is going to be for you.

As I looked upon the number in my hand – the number which would take me across on a journey which (almost) every man wants and anticipates for in his life, at least in India they do, – there was this sudden feeling of exhilaration, a shortness of breath and increased anxiety levels about what may or may not happen. Yes, it is true that it is not that big a thing as there are many people who consider it to be overhyped and yes there are also people who go their entire lives without having touched the waters of those ‘other seas’, but why would I be holding such a number in my hand in the first place if I were such an ‘ascetic’. Of course I had paid for this little ‘adventure’ of mine since I am not one of those lucky ones who hit the jackpot in every sphere of life. Even for them I would say they all have to pay one way or the other, if not directly than maybe indirectly. Anyways I was going to save on the lodgings for this because a friend had offered his place up for accommodation.

The run up towards the ‘take off’ was like it had been on my previous encounters. Yes, I had been down this road before but never have I been able to cross that final frontier whose crossing promises to take you into a different state all together. I could feel it in my bones, this was my chance to cross that final border and earn that stamp of approval that would qualify me as an equal among my peers. My decision to go down this route was as much a result of my own longings as peer pressure. Once the wheels were set rolling and all things put in motion, it was smooth sailing from thereon. Her initial sputter and hesitation became powerfully controlled movements and she began to take me on a journey where we would ‘roll’ and ‘glide’ effortlessly in weightless air. One thing led to the other and soon we were on that tipping point in my journey that would make it a first for me. The point of no return which would change me forever, turn me into a well travelled man from a hitchhiking boy. I would never have felt the entry into a new region had I not been looking and waiting for it. Having crossed that mark was no mean feat, and as soon as that threshold was crossed I rejoiced and my heart was full of exhilaration at the thought of endless possibilities in front of me, the number of ways this could go on from here and the number of ‘shores’ calling for me out there in the world.

My thoughts wandered to countless positions and locations and I saw beautiful yellow stars out of my window as my flight descended down onto the quiet and serene Dubai airport. My first overseas travel looked to be a promising adventure with minimum expenditure as we were going to stay at a friend’s home there. I breathed in a lungful of fresh air from a new region after having got my passport stamped and breaking its seal of virginity. They say you never forget your first time and there is always a first time for everything.


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