The Last Hug

Two roads diverged from a narrow street,
What went through one the other couldn’t see.
Through brooks and brambles with evil fraught,
Rushing through sparkling images, an indecisive lot.

Chasing the mirage of a beautiful dawn,
Unknown what paths through vulgar reality await.
The shadows in the dark with bleeding edges held sway,
Which the once romantic moonlight cannot now chase away

Fires burned asunder; but flickers just remain,
It could have been glorious, but oh! What a shame.
The mind did warp and sparks did fly,
But amid pulsating nerves, it was a hasty goodbye.

A breathless mind, heartbeats entwined, embracing tight,
Their strings attached like escaping kites.
Holding on to each other like a drug
It could very well have been the last hug.


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