Sometimes, I hear you,
In the rustling of leaves,
In the window, with half drawn curtains;
Sometimes, I see you.

Sometimes, I feel your presence,
In the emptiness of my palms
The lines of fate their etched,
I wish, would cross yours more often

The story of that incomplete movie
Still haunts my dreams,
The way I see a couple dance, still,
Sometimes reminds me of you; of us.

I see the changing blooms of the Amaltas
And wish that someday,
We could walk again under its shade
Like we used to, sometimes.

I know that I have erred in the past
But sometimes, I wish I hadn’t
I took the road less traveled too often,
But sometimes, I wish I hadn’t.

I see the path my life has took,
And the road ahead seems daunting at times,
I am prepared, yet Sometimes, I wish,
That you were here to give me a kiss.

I try to see your smile, in every laugh I hear,
The twinkle of your eyes, I seek in every gaze
But sometimes, your laugh, is all I wish to hear
And your gaze is all I wish to seek.


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